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Laboratory pure water machine is in a leading position in China

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Laboratory pure water machine is a device for making pure water for laboratory inspection and quarantine. The laboratory pure water machine is suitable for the laboratories of testing centers, scientific research institutes, colleges, hospitals and enterprises, and provides the required analytical test water, reagent water, laboratory water and analytical instrument water.

Laboratory pure water machine In inorganic and analytical chemistry experiments, according to different tasks and requirements, the purity requirements of water are also different. Pure water is "pure water" and "ultra-pure water". People generally confuse these two concepts in the process of purchasing laboratory pure water machines, which makes it difficult to select models and increase the cost of material supply for no reason.

The working principle of the laboratory pure water machine is that the tap water is pretreated by a precision filter element and an activated carbon filter element to filter particulate matter such as sediment and adsorbed odors, etc., so that the tap water becomes cleaner, and then the water quality is purified and desalted through a reverse osmosis device to purify the water After entering the storage tank for storage, the water quality can reach the national level III water standard, and the waste water produced by the reverse osmosis device is discharged. Reverse osmosis pure water passes through the purification column for deep desalination treatment to obtain first-grade water or ultra-pure water.

Finally, if the user has special requirements, ultraviolet sterilization or microfiltration, ultra-filtration and other devices are added after the ultra-pure water to remove residual water Bacteria, particles, heat sources, etc. The precision filter element, activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis membrane, and purification column are all materials with relative life. The precision filter element and activated carbon filter element actually protect the reverse osmosis membrane. If they fail, the load of the reverse osmosis membrane will increase and the life will be reduced Short, if you continue to start, the quality of the pure water produced will decline, which will increase the burden on the purification column, and the life of the purification column will be shortened. The end result is to increase the use cost of laboratory pure water machine.

Features of laboratory ultrapure water machine:
· Microcomputer automatic control humanized system · Touch key control system
· Water quality online LCD display monitoring system · Automatic shutdown function when the system is full of water
· System automatic flushing function · System manual flushing function
· Automatic shutdown function when the system is short of water · One machine and two functions
· System work instruction function · System full water instruction function
· The laboratory pure water machine adopts quick-connect design, which makes maintenance and maintenance more convenient and fast

Laboratory pure water machine system features:
· Imported silent pump is selected, no vibration, noise and electromagnetic radiation when the system is running, and the laboratory pure water machine has no impact on the working environment.
· The original reverse osmosis membrane imported from the United States is selected for its stable performance, high desalination rate and long service life.
· The original US imported Rohm and Haas exchange resin is used to make the (super) purification column, which has large exchange capacity and high effluent quality.
· The laboratory pure water machine uses an all-metal chassis and electrostatic painting, which can effectively prevent water vapor corrosion.
· Water circuit isolation, to avoid the impact of humid environment on the circuit.

Laboratory pure water machine is a kind of pure water machine with stable performance. It is widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical industry, glass, cross-coating, boiler, laboratory and other industries. Small deionized water equipment can directly produce high-purity water from tap water, and the operation period is long, without frequent maintenance and replacement of various spare parts, and the operation is extremely quiet. In some enterprises, where the water consumption is not large, our company has customized a series of small deionized water equipment for these customers, and the water output is small. The laboratory pure water machine can meet the requirements of laboratory water and small metering cleaning water. The quality of the effluent water can be configured according to the requirements!